Marilee Cole –

Marilee Cole enjoyed a long career in Medical Management.  While balancing her work day between patient and staff relations, the budget and federal regulations, Marilee’s pleasure time and passion has always been working with dogs.  Marilee is a strong advocate of animal rights and an active volunteer in the Rescue Community.

Marilee has trained and trialed her own dogs for over 10 years to titles in Agility and Herding. Appreciating the strong social bond and relationship that a positive cognitive training approach gives the handler/dog team and  working with Debby Boehm (Precision Canine), Marilee decided to pursue dog training full-time.

Marilee has mentored and trained with Precision Canine for 3 years and is now proud and very happy to assist  owner/handlers achieve  effective, balanced and positive training with their dogs while everyone involved has a good time as Cheeky Dog Obedience Training.

Come join the fun while continuing to learn more about your dogs and how to achieve an incredible bond !