Precision Canine is your premier Phoenix dog training site.  We currently operate out of a large indoor dog training facility, (AZ Dog Sports), in the middle of Phoenix, AZ located close to Paradise Valley Mall and Paradise Village Parkway.

We specialize in small group dog training classes or private instruction, both led by highly qualified Phoenix dog trainers. And due to the size of the facility, there is extensive room to work with your canine in the obedience training area.

We offer a variety of dog  training options for people and their canine companions.  Our Phoenix dog training classes consist of more than just basic instructional level dog obedience training.  We have classes for for advanced level dog obedience and competitive obedience in addition to classes to help work on dog behavior problems.  Plus, there are courses available for dog agility training, puppy obedience and socialization, and rally.

Specialty courses in conformation, dog relationship and behavior are available that help to build a special bond with your dog.   And, canine conditioning and rehab as well as canine good citizenship classes are also available!

Precision Canine is a resource center for dog obedience, vet supervised canine rehab, puppy training, nutritional counseling for performance dogs, and other canine services.

This Phoenix dog training location has some of the area’s most qualified professional dog trainers on the premises that will help you understand and communicate with your dog in order to help you and him make the most out of life.

Contact Phoenix Dog Training at for more information.  Or, call us at (480)332-7472.