The Yellow Dog Project – Spread the Word by Marilee Cole

The Yellow Dog Project was started by Tara Palady, a Canadian Trainer,, as a signal for people to ask before approaching someone else’s dog.

What a great idea ! The Yellow Dog Project, , encompasses more than fearful, reactive dogs.  The Yellow ribbon is an indicator to just give the dog some space. A dog could be from recovering from surgery, have a medical handicap,be an older dog that is just a little grumpy, could be a therapy dog  that when working isn’t supposed to interact because he/she is “working”, could be a dog that is in training and learning a career or to be a better citizen.

I am very active in a local dog rescue and many times these dogs need distance while they gain confidence, learn manners and/or learn to trust, again.  Many times people 644370_10151492513949452_1849643250_ncome up to dogs  with their dog straining on the end of the leash trying to “just  say ‘Hi” and then they almost always say,” but my dog is friendly”…. well, their dog may be but yours may not be.   Once, more people become familiar with this idea, people will be able to walk their dogs without being uneasy of possible encounters with the “friendly” dog or person out there !  It is important to always be your dog’s advocate.

The Yellow Project is giving your dogs and you a voice and a choice !  There are some companies out there that are making wonderful leash sleeves that say many things from, Therapy Dog to Adopt me ! It is all the same movement.  Some will even customize them.  They are colorful, fun and say something.

I applaud Tara and The Yellow Dog Project, please share their website and let’s keep this going around the world !

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