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Canine Conditioning for the Senior Dog – Physical Rehabilitation

When someone hears physical therapy the common thought is injury or surgical rehabilitation.  However, canine conditioning for the senior dog or physical therapy, will aid in giving your older dog a longer, increased quality, healthy and more active life both physically and mentally.

Canine conditioning for senior dogs is a great complement to their wellness examinations, bloodwork and good nutrition.  Dogs are very much like people and tend to lose muscle strength and balance with age, as well as lose mental focus.  Senior dogs benefit from shorter walks for cardiovascular health, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises and balance/proprioception exercises will aid in stability and developing core strength to help build a stronger dog. These exercises have the added benefit of providing the dog with mental stimulation and focus and keeping the bond strong with the owner.

  1. Senior  Dogs can benefit from continued activity and mental stimulation.  Encourage clients to maintain their mature dogs both with wellness examinations and activities to enrich and  possibly extend their dogs lives.
  2. Conditioning  exercises will strengthen the senior dog and help promote healthy joints and balance. The need to target the gluteal and hamstring muscles for  maintaining standing.
  3. Exercising  is important physically, as well as mentally and goes beyond just making the senior dog “comfortable.  It will possibly extend their lives and increase the quality of their lives.

Cheeky Dog Obedience and Julie Mayer, DVM ( offer a Canine Conditioning for the Senior Dog Class not only for the athlete but for the old canine, as well.