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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training by Marilee Cole of Cheeky Dog Obedience Training

Look at those sit/stays !

Positive Reinforcement dog training is the most effective and humane way of dog training.  Dogs are a cognitive animal and learn using their perception, attention, memory, motivation and decision making.  The basic principle is to reward your dog’s desired behavior with something pleasant; including treats, toys, verbal praise, petting and play.

I saw a car magnet the other day that read “Train… Don’t Complain”.  Wow !  What  a great idea !  How many people come home to their garbage cans raided or have a shoe chewed on ?  Is that the dog’s fault… no, the dog was just being a dog and having a good (okay, great)time !  We as owners have a responsibility to “dog proof” our house just as you would “child proof” a house.   How many shoes do you need to lose before you say, “duh, I should just pick them up and put them in the closet ” !!!… and then learn to assist your dog in being a member of the family by training.

Positive Dog Training Techniques

While your dog is learning a new behavior praise and reward them every time they are correct. If their offered behavior is incorrect, don’t reprimand or punish them…. just start over and help them with a physical touch or prompt.  After the dog responds consistently to a command, you can praise them and eventually discontinue the treats or the rewards (except the praise and petting)

You can choose any words for commands but the most commonly used are sit, stay, down (when you want the dog to lay down), and off (when your dog has jumped up ) and come.  It is best to be consistent with these commands and have everyone in your household use the same ones.

Practice sessions should be frequent (2 to 4 times a day) for short periods of time – 10 minutes at the longest and in a variety of locations.  Keep training fun with your tone of voice light and pleasant.  Dogs are very sensitive to tone of voice.  Limit your repetitions of each command to 3 in your training session.

Personal Tips for You about Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

If you are in a bad mood put off the training  session until you and your dog can enjoy the time and it can be a good experience for both of you. Training your dog is another way to build a social interaction with your dog and is best when enjoyed by all parties !!!

Cheeky Dog Obedience offers classes in basic and advance dog obedience- puppies are more than welcome, puppy socialization, Canine Good Citizen  and many more great classes to keep your dog focused, physically and mentally exercised and to assist you in Phoenix dog training.