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Understanding Canine Behavior with the “Cognitive Canine Social Interaction” Seminar

Your dog’s “canine behavior” is commonly blamed for many of the problems you have with your pet.  However, with a little help from Lisa Lit, we are learning that animal behavior is dependent on several factors, one specifically being how we interact with our four-legged friend in order to help him know how to respond in various situations.

Lisa helps us to understand a little about her background regarding research of the canine cognitive mind.  She also offers insight into some of the issues we deal with on a daily basis with our canine family member.  And understanding the humans’…that means us, role in the process of training our pups.

While success in training a dog is often measured by positive changes in dog behaviors, owner behavior and the interactions between dog and owner can have dramatic effects on these successes. Cognitive processes, such as attention, motivation, and memory, impact learning in both dogs and their owners. Both performance and everyday living environments require flexibility and decision-making, thereby necessarily activating these cognitive processes. Because responses cannot always be optimally learned through traditional conditioning methods, understanding how cognition affects dog/owner interactions is important for anyone interested in the best results with their dogs.

This talk introduced cognitive processes; discussed their potential effects on dogs, owners, and the dog/owner dyad; and presented simple training techniques to effectively utilize cognitive abilities of dogs.  Snippets from the talk are provided in the videos.