Don’t Forget the Praise and Rewards

Remember the Praise and Rewards for Your Dog by Marilee Cole

When you have been working hard on a project, doesn’t it feel great to have someone tell you what a great job you have done ? Don’t you feel good about yourself and enjoy that pat on the back and the recognition from someone you admire ? Of course, you do! We all do … so does your dog.

You and your dog have been training an exercise for months and your best friend, finally, turns on a dime and comes running when you say “Sunshine, come…..” you praise Sunshine and tell him just how brilliant he is, don’t you ? !! Because he is and he loves you and wants to be with you more than that smelly dead thing he really wanted to roll in 🙂 ……. Time goes by and Sunshine still has a gorgeous recall …. do you still praise him and tell him how great he is ? or do you just take it for granted ? Sunshine still loves to hear how great he is and he deserves to hear it because he really wanted to go play with his doggy friends but you called him and all his dog obedience training paid off.
Don’t take him for granted – remember to tell and show him how wonderful he is and he will always want to come when you call.

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