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Albert Einstein could have been a Dog Obedience Trainer ! by Marilee Cole

“Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein

I wonder if Albert Einstein had a dog ?   This certainly pertains with training your dog.

Everyday scenario:   You (hypothetical) take your dog out for a walk.  Sunshine is walking along nicely, enjoying the company of his BFF and the beautiful day.  You stop at the mailbox and ask Sunshine to “sit”.  Sunshine is watching the cars go by and doesn’t “sit”.  You ask , again…. Sunshine still doesn’t “sit”, you then ask a third time… still no response.  By this time you are irritated because you know that Sunshine knows how to “sit”, he does it all the time at home, so you jerk on the leash, raise your voice and say “Sunshine, I said, sit.”  Sunshine looks at you and sits.

Same scenario:  but with a different ending.  You take Sunshine for a walk , stop at the mailbox and ask Sunshine to sit and he sits !  You praise him … what a great boy !!!  pet him, get your mail and walk home.

What made the difference?  First scenario:  Sunshine has learned, he doesn’t have to sit until the 4th request and the tug on the leash.  Why?  Because when training Sunshine you didn’t communicate that when you ask for a command, you want the command on the first request.  Sunshine also may have been so enthralled by all the great looking cars going by that your request became background noise and a physical prompt (hand on his bottom) would have reminded him he was with you. Training with physical prompts is another form of communication.  The inflection of your voice definitely got his attention but Sunshine was probably thinking, ” Wow !  What made my BFF so angry, I had better sit.”  So, Sunshine, sat out of intimidation not out of desire to please you.

Training  with physical prompts will help the dog understand what you want and will help build the social bond with your dog.  Training with consistency will help the dog understand and respond the first time you  ask.  Remember, when your dog becomes rock solid at home, up the challenge and train in a new location… and even in the new location you are still training.  When do dogs learn ?  ALL the time, not just when we are ” training”  them.

Don’t Forget the Praise and Rewards

Remember the Praise and Rewards for Your Dog by Marilee Cole

When you have been working hard on a project, doesn’t it feel great to have someone tell you what a great job you have done ? Don’t you feel good about yourself and enjoy that pat on the back and the recognition from someone you admire ? Of course, you do! We all do … so does your dog.

You and your dog have been training an exercise for months and your best friend, finally, turns on a dime and comes running when you say “Sunshine, come…..” you praise Sunshine and tell him just how brilliant he is, don’t you ? !! Because he is and he loves you and wants to be with you more than that smelly dead thing he really wanted to roll in 🙂 ……. Time goes by and Sunshine still has a gorgeous recall …. do you still praise him and tell him how great he is ? or do you just take it for granted ? Sunshine still loves to hear how great he is and he deserves to hear it because he really wanted to go play with his doggy friends but you called him and all his dog obedience training paid off.
Don’t take him for granted – remember to tell and show him how wonderful he is and he will always want to come when you call.

Canine Conditioning for the Senior Dog – Physical Rehabilitation

When someone hears physical therapy the common thought is injury or surgical rehabilitation.  However, canine conditioning for the senior dog or physical therapy, will aid in giving your older dog a longer, increased quality, healthy and more active life both physically and mentally.

Canine conditioning for senior dogs is a great complement to their wellness examinations, bloodwork and good nutrition.  Dogs are very much like people and tend to lose muscle strength and balance with age, as well as lose mental focus.  Senior dogs benefit from shorter walks for cardiovascular health, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises and balance/proprioception exercises will aid in stability and developing core strength to help build a stronger dog. These exercises have the added benefit of providing the dog with mental stimulation and focus and keeping the bond strong with the owner.

  1. Senior  Dogs can benefit from continued activity and mental stimulation.  Encourage clients to maintain their mature dogs both with wellness examinations and activities to enrich and  possibly extend their dogs lives.
  2. Conditioning  exercises will strengthen the senior dog and help promote healthy joints and balance. The need to target the gluteal and hamstring muscles for  maintaining standing.
  3. Exercising  is important physically, as well as mentally and goes beyond just making the senior dog “comfortable.  It will possibly extend their lives and increase the quality of their lives.

Cheeky Dog Obedience and Julie Mayer, DVM ( offer a Canine Conditioning for the Senior Dog Class not only for the athlete but for the old canine, as well.

Phoenix Dog Training – 3 Critical Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While Training in Phoenix, Arizona

Dog training in Phoenix allows you and your pet to experience a variety of training environments.  You can hit the mountain reserve for scent work, go into the desert for retrieval or agility work, or even work on basic heel, stay, and come commands right outside your own front door.

While being outside and working on these training aspects can be very enjoyable for both you and your canine, there are some aspects to training your dog in Phoenix that can be quite dangerous.

3 things you should be aware of when doing any type of Phoenix dog training are provided below. Phoenix dog training

  • Heat – this for many folks you would think would be a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, if this were the case, there would be no reports of dog related death due to heat stroke.

Yet, in Phoenix there are several reported instances where dogs have died resulting from heat related injuries.  (And those are just the ones that have been reported.)

When temperatures start climbing, it’s important to take into account your dog’s health and ability to handle the heat.  Depending on the length of the training and intensity, in the majority of cases it is advisable to avoid training outside when the temperature read 100 degrees or above.  Caution should even be taken when the temperature starts getting into the 90s.

Also remember to have plenty of water on hand as well.  Your pet will require more than you.

Just think, if it’s hot for you, it is twice as hot for your dog.

  • Burning the pads of your dog’s paws – In association with the heat, Phoenix dog training also requires you to give consideration to the surface on which your dog will be standing on while training.


One of the most misunderstood aspects of outdoor dog training in Phoenix is the effect of surface heat on a dog’s paws.  And while air temperatures may only feel warm…the cement, asphalt, and even dirt are absorbing that heat and the temperature on the ground is much hotter than what you feel in the air.

Remember the saying it’s so hot outside I could fry an egg on the sidewalk?  Well, the same heat that cooks that egg is what burns the pads on your beloved pet’s paws.

One good rule of thumb to follow is, “If it’s too hot for you to stand barefoot on a surface outside, it’s too hot for your dog as well.”

  • Snakes – Although not as common a threat as the two items listed above, snakes can still be a danger to any dog training you take part in.  This holds especially true during the hotter months of the year.  That’s because the snakes come out for a little sun on occasion, but usually lurk in the coolness of the shade during the day.

Your unsuspecting pet can come upon a rattler unknowingly and out of the blue comes a venomous strike.  If the snake hits his mark, that could severely maim your pet or even cause death.

Plan your training now, contact Cheeky Dog Obedience Training at (480)488-1871.


Phoenix Dog Training and all the Advantages to an Indoor Training Facility

Phoenix dog trainingWelcome to a great concept in Phoenix dog training that is not new but not common in the Southwest. Indoor dog training… that means when it is 110 degrees outside or 32 degrees outside or raining outside or windy outside… well you get the idea. Cheeky Dog Obedience offers classes at AZ DogSports an indoor dog training facility.Come train your dog in obedience, agility, puppy classes in obedience and socialization,  games, canine conditioning programs for overweight and senior dogs.

We offer small group classes to our students in over 5,000 sq ft of air conditioned/heated,  padded floor space.  We have a large variety of classes,agility equipment,  water for your dogs, there are  indoor bathrooms (the small pleasures in life ), there is a small retail store that sells training equipment,collars and leads, treats and toys.

With Cheeky Dog Obedience Training, Phoenix dog training has never been so much fun!

Call us at (480)488-1871 with any questions you may have .  We would enjoy meeting you.

Overweight Dogs- Canine Conditioning Program