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Let me introduce myself, My name is Marilee Cole

Hi ! I’m Marilee Cole.  If I am going to ask you to entrust me with training you and your dog, you should know something about me.Cheeky Dog Bio pix with Indy and Quinn 1

I have always been a dog lover but over the course of time have learned there is a difference between dog lover and one who is in a relationship and is a protector of their dog.  I am proud to say,  I am in a relationship with all my dogs and it is an evolving one.

I enjoyed a long career in Medical Management and while this paid the bills, my pleasure and passion was and always  is the time spent working with my dogs. I trained and trialed my own dogs for over 12 years to titles in Agility and Herding.  During this time, I became a very active volunteer in Arizona Border Collie Rescue and now serve on the Board and I am currently the Foster Care Coordinator for the Rescue.

Over 13 years ago, I wanted to learn about agility and I knew that Australian Shepherds were a smart and active breed that did very well in the sport.  So, I found Spooky, who quickly became one of my best friends.  We trained together, we traveled together, we did everything together and she is the first of my dogs to teach me about the joys of having a true bond with my dog.  Spooky is now 13 years old and while she no longer competes in agility or herding because of a medical condition, she is my buddy and we still have a connection that cannot be broken.
Spooky was an easy teacher. Some of my dogs are tremendous teachers and, while, I am not always a consistent student,  I am always learning.  I am learning to listen, to read what they are “saying” to me and to not only love them, protect them but to honor them, as well.  My dogs will never know the pain of a shock collar, a prong collar or a choke collar… my relationship is too important and so are they.

Four years ago, I met an incredible trainer, Debby Bohem, to whom I will always be forever grateful.  She taught me how to train with more fun , positive motivation and creativity than I ever imagined.  She also taught me how to view things from  the dogs knowledge and thinking.  Debby opened up a whole new world to me.

Then there is Quinn, who came to me as a 7 week old foster puppy with Arizona Border Collie Rescue.   Quinn was born severely visually impaired, he is blind in his right eye and his left eye is very limited and unable to focus with an optic nerve the size of less than a thread .  But, you know, Quinn doesn’t know the difference !  He loves life, he is full of fun and adventure, he has herded ducks and sheep, he has been to the snow, the river, the ocean, hiking, he loves his bike ride, he LOVES to retrieve,  he knows his basic obedience and he is now (because I have become brave enough to teach him) learning agility.

Quinn and I were blessed to have spent the first year of his life together 24/7 and he trusts me, and has no fear !  He is reactive to dogs that come up on him and we working on that and there is progess !  I realize that not everyone is able to spend the amount of time with their dogs that I have been able to over the last few years and for that I am very fortunate.   Quinn has never had a harsh word spoken to him, he has always had nothing but positive and fun training – anyone, can learn to train in this manner and have success.  Training with fear, pain and intimidation doesn’t build a bond and actually has the opposite effect.  All of my dogs have benefited from the lessons Quinn has taught me to….. be quieter with  a much happier tone of voice and look for fun, motivational ways to achieve what task I  have asked my dogs to perform.  Who wants to listen to a grumpy dictator ?!

Cheeky Dog Obedience Training trains you and your dog with fun, motivational and effective positive methods.  I am a dog lover whose passion is the relationship I have with my dogs and I would enjoy the opportunity to share this with you.

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Physical and Mental Stimulation for your Dogs

Mental Stimulation for you DogDogs Need for Physical and Mental Stimulation by Marilee Cole

Everyone knows that dogs need physical exercise.  Keeps them in shape, healthy, in good condition and a  good weight – just like people.   Dogs also need mental stimulation – just like people.

Training your dog is a great source of both physical and mental stimulation whether it is for a dog sport or for pet obedience and household manners.  Going for a walk is also a great source of physical and mental stimulation.  When going for a walk, let your dog stop occasionally to sniff and, as John Steinbeck said in his book “Travels with Charlie”,” check out the guest register”.  Checking the guest register is like us reading a book or the newspaper.Even something simple like taking your dog with you in the car when you run an errand.   It is some fun bonding time , as well, as letting your dog get out and see the world.

Life is different than it was several years ago, when dogs were our companions that greeted us when we came home and went for walks with us and that was pretty much the extent of their world.   A friend at that time made the comment that she thought dogs must think we all worked at vet’s offices because that was the only place they ever went.  So, therefore, they must think that is where we went when they weren’t with us because that was all they knew.  Now,  dogs are so much more to us than just the household companions… they are our friends and like friends, we want to do things with them, share experiences with them and spend more and more time with them.  Change is good  🙂

So, let’s treat our friends well….. most dogs spend a fair amount of time on their own.  Think how boring life would be if you didn’t leave the house and yard for days on end with no interaction with anyone other than your family.  For some, this would be nice but not for a lifetime.

There are some fun games that you can do that will help keep your dogs mentally stimulated.  Some examples…..  find some smelly treats ( a can of sardines is good!)hide some of the treats in the yard- in bushes, under chairs,  it’s like hiding easter eggs…then let your dog outside and let them find them.  Teach them nosework games that you can play in the house !

Take a muffin tin, place a couple of treats in one or two of the bottom tins, cover all of the openings with tennis balls and let them find the treat !   Put a treat under an upside down clear plastic bowl- let them see you place the treat and then they will scoot the bowl over the floor trying to figure out how to get the treat !

There are many, many more games that you can play with your canine that will encourage the dog to think and let them have fun with you AND they get to use their brains !   Have fun with it  🙂  !!

Phoenix Dog Training and all the Advantages to an Indoor Training Facility

Phoenix dog trainingWelcome to a great concept in Phoenix dog training that is not new but not common in the Southwest. Indoor dog training… that means when it is 110 degrees outside or 32 degrees outside or raining outside or windy outside… well you get the idea. Cheeky Dog Obedience offers classes at AZ DogSports an indoor dog training facility.Come train your dog in obedience, agility, puppy classes in obedience and socialization,  games, canine conditioning programs for overweight and senior dogs.

We offer small group classes to our students in over 5,000 sq ft of air conditioned/heated,  padded floor space.  We have a large variety of classes,agility equipment,  water for your dogs, there are  indoor bathrooms (the small pleasures in life ), there is a small retail store that sells training equipment,collars and leads, treats and toys.

With Cheeky Dog Obedience Training, Phoenix dog training has never been so much fun!

Call us at (480)488-1871 with any questions you may have .  We would enjoy meeting you.